mIRC Setup Guide

How to Connect to FinalGear.com's IRC Chat

  1. Download a copy of the mIRC software from the mIRC Homepage.
    mIRC Logo
  2. Double click the downloadeded file mirc616.exe
  3. In the setup window, click Next
  4. Accept the license agreement
  5. Set the destination folder and click the Install button
  6. After the installation of mIRC is complete, click the Finish button
  7. You will now see a mIRC icon on your desktop
    Double click the mIRC icon
  8. The first window that will come up is the Registration window, as mIRC is not a free software.
    You can register here via the Register online now! button or just click Continue to finish setting up the options
  9. The next screen is where you enter your information
    Most people do not enter their real name and email address, its your choice
    Fill in all four fields, Full Name, Email Address, Nickname, Alternative
    For our tutorial, we will be using the same user information throughout
  10. Now click on the Servers button and then click the Add button
    Fill in the information from the below picture, then click the Add button
    Server Address: irc.finalgear.com Port: 6667 or 8000 (SSL: 7001)
  11. Click the Option tab, then the Perform button
    Click the Enable perform on connect checkbox, click the Add button,
    Select NETWORK from the list, click the OK button.
  12. Add the following line in the Perform commands text box: /join #gear, click the OK button.
    Click the OK button again.
  13. Click File-->Connect
  14. Once you are connected to the server, it will automatically open the #gear channel window as well
  15. You now need to Register your chosen nickname, with the following command:
    /msg nickserv register password email
    You need to use a REAL email address and your own password. The picture below is just an example.

    You will receive a confirmation email, follow the instructions in it.
  16. Just so that you don't have to identify (prove that you are the owner of the nickname you are using), you can add the Identify command to your perform
    Click Tools--->Options--->Tools, then click on the Perform button and add this line:
    /msg nickserv identify password
    Click the OK button, and again the OK button.

You now have mIRC setup, so that every time you connect, it will automatically log you in, and join the #gear channel as mentioned in the Perform area.

Still have any problems, ask us via the FinalGear Java chat link, here.